Sams kitchen online for the home-style American cuisine

Sams kitchen online for the home-style American cuisine Urbaningrum loyalists within the Association of Indonesian Movement ( PPI ) in the press conference said they got a letter from Commission officials are even calling it selective enforcement agencies. Commission response to cold ‘ maneuver ‘ PPI ‘s.

“Letters from where it should be obvious. How concluding that a letter from Commission officials ? So how to reply to things that are not clear,” Sams kitchen online for the home-style American cuisine spokesman Johan Budi said on Wednesday ( 13/11/2013 ).

In a press conference held in the middle of the KPK raids, at home Anas in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, Tuesday ( 11/12/2013 ) night, spokesman PPI Ma’mun Muron read a piece of paper.

The letter calls from internal Commission, which is concerned about the leaking of Anas sprindik draft, before the anti-corruption agency set a former member of the Commission officially became a suspect in the Hambalang. The letter was read by Ma’mun was also alleged that the Commission did not dare investigate M Nazaruddin statements related to the receipt of money by SBY in the 2009 presidential campaign.

However Ma’mun just read the letter, without even showing the physical page letter to the media. According to Ma’mun, the letter sent to Anas.

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