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This has been happening all day volcanic earthquakes 12 times, 3 @times the low-frequency earthquakes, earthquake blowing smoke 5 times, 4 times distant tectonic earthquakes, and 2 times the shallow volcanic earthquakes and tremors.

BNPB has submitted suggestions to the mayor Karo to immediately @establish a state of emergency, added Sutopo.

The number of refugees until recently listed 1,293 inhabitants. The refugees came from the village and the village Mardingding Sukameriah.

Refugees will increase again because of the current residents in the village Bekerah, Simacem Village, and the Village Sukameriah was preparing to flee to Namanteran, he concluded.

Lamborghini sports car has a snout pointed, and charming. But there was no place that fits on the @muzzle was to attach license plates so that only the rear plate are fitted. Although not visible, but the actual front license plate is still there. Where ?