Legal Agreements

Police terms and conditions, Central Java release characteristics without the identity of the dead woman found burned in landfill Gunungtugel Kedungrandu village. These characteristics obtained from the results of the autopsy in RS Margono Soekardjo.

“The age of victims is estimated around 18-24 years old with a height of 140-150 centimeters, while the┬áterms and conditions age of the death of more than 24 hours and the condition of the bodies has been severely damaged, said Police Commissioner Banyumas Dwiyono when confirmed reporters on Sunday ( 03/11/2013 ).

According to him, currently the victim was found the charred black pants wearing size S. Victim was also wearing a beige t-shirt made ??with strawberry fruit motif, and also wore clothes made ??of fabric with bright floral colors.

From the results of the autopsy also known that the victim was dead before the fire, he terms and conditions explained.

In addition to these characteristics, they also find if there are signs of torture on the body of the victim, so the victim by the perpetrator allegedly burnt after death in an attempt to eliminate the traces.

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